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URL Availability check
URL Availability check

Checking For Website URL Availability before Making a Purchase

Essentially, website URL availability is very important if you are looking forward to registering your own website in the web. If this is the case, you need to come up with a relevant and unique domain name for your website because if you come up with an idea or a name that is already taken you will be required to search for another name until you come up with your very own. Thus, it is highly significant to check URL availability so that you can establish a distinct and strong name for your website.

Definition- Domain Name and URL Addresses

Basically, domain name is a similar thing to URL. It serves as the name of your website, making it easy for visitors to recognize your online site address. A domain name is much easier to memorize than an IP address so you must learn how to check URL availability in order to produce good names for your website most especially if your intention is to promote a business.

The domain name is actually composed of two essential parts which are the domain name itself and the extension. For a better understanding of how to check business URL availability you need to know about the composition of the URL.

The domain name can be anything that is relevant to your company like the name of the company itself. For instance, Google is a great example of a domain name and the most popular extension is .com while there are also other extension names such as .org, .net and .info.  Since there can be a high chance of   having a similar domain name with other websites it will be very beneficial to check website URL availability before you register your domain name.

Do It Right- Brainstorm for URLs to Check Availability

Although it may appear simple, thinking of a domain name requires a very intricate process most especially when you reach the point when you need to check URL availability. You need to have a powerful name to shine among your competitors. Hence, it will be useful to start the process by brainstorming for a strong name before you learn how to check URL availability.

 Here are some effective ways:

  • Release your thoughts- Taking some time to sit down and think without any distraction can help you come up the right domain name. It is best to jot down everything that you can think of if you think of your business like the products and services that you offer.
  • Impacting Words- Once you are finished with your list then you can scan through it and select the words with the most impact. This can help you a lot when checking for business URL availability because the more impacting and unique your domain name is, the better.
  • Mix the Words- Picking from your list of strong words; you can come up with various combinations to produce new words and phrases.
  • Website URL availability- You can create about 10-20 combinations from your list so that you can check URL availability online at an official registration service. There may be time that your chosen name may appear to be taken when you check website URL availability but the good thing is that the registration site will provide you with alternatives so that you can proceed with much ease.
  • Gather Opinions- Once you know how to check URL availability via registration sites the last thing to do is to ask your friends, relatives or maybe your business partner on what they think of the available domain names that you have in the list. Their opinion counts but your instincts may still be the best decision maker of all.

The Perfect URL Availability Name

Truly, creating a domain name for your website can be a tedious process as you cannot just come up with a name and go away with it. You need to make sure that it is unique, relevant and most especially available. Thus, you need to check website URL availability before you proceed with the registration process. Here are certain things to look for in a perfect domain name:

  • Your URL address should be short and easy to memorize.
  • The available URL should be related to your business.
  • Your web address availability should have a relevant extension name.
  • Check for URLs less than 15 characters.
  • If you can’t fit it under 15 characters, it should not exceed 26 characters.
  • Your website URL should have a .com extension name as much as possible.
  • Look for only include alphanumeric characters and hyphens.
  • The URL website address should not violate the trademarks and other rights of other companies.
  • Your web domain lookup should not be a name of popular celebrities or brand names variations.

Where to Register Domain Names?

Once you have come up with a viable name for your website then it is time to register it and check URL availability on this site which assists you on how to check URL availability. This site can also give you suggestions of the available domain names in case that your chosen name is already taken.

In case that your preferred name is already taken when you check for business URL availability then do not lose hope right away because you can modify the name by adding a hyphen, making it unique but still memorable to visitors. For instance, if you want as a domain name but it is not available you can opt for instead and get a positive outcome.

However, there may also be instances where the domain extension name dot com is not available for when you check for your website URL availability. In these cases do not be tempted to go for other extensions like .biz or .net because it will not be helpful for your business website as the .com extension is the widely popular extension name. You may choose other extension name but the thing is people tend to add .com to the end of every domain name so having a different extension may drive away potential customers. But if you really can’t come up with an available .com URL, you can use .net or .org instead.

Once You Have an available URL, How do you Build a Website?

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